Surveys for building buyers

SURVEYS for building buyers or owners


We carry out Condition Surveys on any type of building throughout the North of England, North Wales, and occasionally further afield.


Our Condition Surveys can be tailor-made to our clients’ requirements and usually incorporate a list of defects which require attention within the first 12 months of occupation of the building, or prior to purchase, and we provide approximate costings for the repairs of these defects.


We also provide a list of repairs which will be required within the following five years and apply estimated costings based on experience of working closely with building contractors.


We are always happy to liaise with local contractors to provide competitive quotations, but the costings we provide with our reports provide a very good, broad indication of the costs you may have to fund after purchasing the property.


One of our associate companies provides valuation advice by Chartered Valuation Surveyors.