THE CORINTHIAN NETWORK. 1 Corinthians 3 vs 11 – 15

Christians and like-minded people in construction work who are ready to work in a way to benefit Faith groups and Charities i.e. those who work free for the good of society.

WHO WE ARE. The Corinthian Network is an evolving concept, presently harnessing relationships between Christians and other like - minded people in construction. We actively seek those who will ‘walk the walk’ not just ‘talk the talk’,  to join us.

We have working contacts with a number of construction professionals including, Accountants, and Solicitors.

THE VISION. We have been made aware of some faith and voluntary organisations being charged excessively in the construction world . We want to be transparent. We believe that the God we serve  is looking for those who are prepared to do the seemingly ridiculous, so that he can do the miraculous.

The vision so far is as follows:-

In any region of the country to provide construction teams who have the skills necessary to build new buildings and alter & refurbish older buildings, and also other projects.

To bless those Consultants and builders  with work and reasonable fees which are not excessive but not minimal either.

To be transparent in all our dealings with clients and with each other.

To bless client Faith groups and voluntary organisations by ensuring value for money and by working on an open-book basis.

To ensure that profits support an approved charity and to move towards becoming a non-profit making group one day.

To protect clients against excesses. We seek to ensure that those associated with the Corinthian Network cap their profits at a level or percentage to be agreed. We want our clients to benefit from savings.

To look at ways in which client organisations, and others, can use their buildings or land to provide an income stream for financing growing outreach to the public.

To help Faith groups and voluntary organisations by applying sound business principles to their property planning.

To help in dealing with financial arrangements for development work.

To help maintain and manage their building structures.

To build a portfolio of voluntary organisation clients, apply cost saving techniques, checking the validity of maintenance contractors etc, and to serve those clients well.

GIVING OF FINANCE TO CHARITY. Our members will donate part of their turnover, earned on each project  to an approved charity for UK and overseas aid. This fund, once established, will have open accounts for anyone to see. Any suggested charities will be considered.

GIVING OF TIME. We expect all of our colleagues in Corinthian group to be willing to advise and help clients and each other on a free of charge basis, at least to an agreed extent.

WORKING WITH OTHER FAITH AND VOLUNTARY GROUPS. There are other similar business groups, networking organisations, and advisory groups, across the land. We seek to work in unity and fellowship with them.

CAN WE HELP YOU? If you are need of construction advice, contact us on 01704 571111.

We will discuss your needs with you and if we can help, we will put together teams in the right geographical and skills areas.

If you know of any other like-minded consultants or building contractors in the construction industry who may benefit from working with The Corinthian Network, do please let us know.