Employer's agent

Employer's Agent
Lamborghini Stockport

The new Stockport Lamborghini showroom development is a public example of one of our latest E.A. roles, followed by Stockport Maserati.There are others which we have been asked to keep confidential for understandable reasons.

This role is specific to Landlords who grant a license to Tenants to carry out works to the Landlord's property, usually as part of, or in addition to, the tenant's lease. In this case the tenant fully refurbished the landlord's building on which it already had a lease, and thus extended the lease. The result was a brilliantly designed and executed project implemented by the Tenant's operatives, giving Lamborghini a showcase location in this busy area.we were then insrtrcuted to carry out the same works for the Stockport Maserati show room.

This type of work is undertaken in full accordance with RICS guidelines and involves using our project management experience to shadow the Tenant's Project Manager and ensuring all actions and the issue of documention in accordance with the license. We are answerable to the Landlord, report regularly to them, and act as their eyes and ears on the ground. Our own project Management experience was invaluable to help us follow the thought and action processes of each of the designers and contractors.

Front elevation of Maserati and Lamborghini show rooms