Schedule of Condition carried out prior to our clients leasing of this London building



One of the largest areas of friction in the construction industry is between landlords and tenants.


On behalf of landlords, we inspect tenanted property and prepare scheules of “Wants Of Repair” and ensure that the tenant carries out the required repairs in accordance with the lease. We examine the lease to ensure that the landlord is acting fairly, and that the tenant complies with his/her requirements in the lease. We also prepare formal “Schedules Of Dilapidations” in accordance with The Dilapidations Protocol.


On the other hand, we also act on behalf of tenants when they have been served with a Schedule of Dilapidations by a landlord, to ensure that the tenant should only carry out repairs required in strict accordance with the lease terms.


These matters can go on for a long time, but it is always our intention to reach a negotiated settlement as soon as possible in order to save costs on both sides.


The property above is a large multi storey car park we surveyed prior to preparing a Schedule of Condition to be attached to a lease, in which the wording stated that the building need not be put into any better state of repair than as recorded in our schedule.


Working on the old principal of ''A stitch in time saves Nine'', we offer a Planned Maintenance Programme service wherby we advise clients on preventative maintenance which is so much cheaper than reactive maintenance.